Monday, 18 April 2011

Does good maid exist in Vietnam?

Tell me if anyone employ only one maid and still keep her until now?
For me, it is very hard to find a good maid in Vietnam, and after you found out, how is you keep her?
First of all, good maid doesn’t exist, you should accept it and steps by steps you teaching and training them.
I have to change a lot of maid to get a normal maid today.
Why did I change many times? Because they work for me but they are thinking about other one. They consider that the other one is better, higher salary, less work. 
Finally, by advice of my friend, I passed by Maid Service Company. There are a lot of company for provide the maid, nanny, baby sister, cleaner…You can employ some one who can stay with you 24/24, few day by week, few hours by day, it depend your requirement.
A lot depends on whether you want to hire an individual or go with a company. There are some obvious advantages if you pass by company. One is that they conduct their own interviewing process. This means that the professionals in their employ are well-suited for the task. Some offer money-back guarantees, which is nice if you are very particular about the way things are done. But there are some disadvantages too, sometime the maid combine with Service company to cheat you, after one month working, the maid ask more salary, if you don’t agree, they will stop to work, you will find other maid and pay the charge again for company.
There are advantages to hiring an individual as well. Individuals are often less expensive (not all), as you can negotiate the salary with them. You have more control over how the cleaning is done as well. But of course, there are some disadvantages too, if they are not hones, they quit their job and steal something from you, how can you find them? Or do you accept to lose a lot of time to find them?
That is why an individual or an agency, there are key things you must do. First, check references. The maid (or service) should be able to give you names and numbers of several people who back up their work. Don't just take the numbers - actually call and check. Second, make sure a background check is conducted. You may not want someone in your home who has been convicted of a felony.
Anyway, for keep the maid with you so long time, it is better you don’t put her in the “bad situation”. You should lock all of important things inside your drawer and keep the key with you.
After all, I think the perfect maid don’t exist, and if she is exist, marry her!!!

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