Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I have a year of lease contract in ex-house, payment every three months and deposit two months.
I want to share my experience about renting house, apartment, shop in Vietnam.
When I visited the apartment, the owner opened the air condition with the door opening since long times, that is why I feel very fresh in door and out door too. We was excited by this apartment because it s in top floor, large enough and have fresh (obviously it s fresh) so we didn’t check anything else, my mean checking all the light, hot shower, television cable, some small shelf in the bath room…The first day I arrived in apartment, I was in late, the owner was waiting for me, I feel sorry and give the deposit to her without check anything again.
My first day became terrible, many lights couldn’t work, there isn’t hot water, there are not sullage pit in the bath room, there isn’t any shelf or mirror in the apartment. All things above is nothing if I have normal neighbors, the first night was a nightmare until we moved out of that apartment. Our bedroom was touched to children of neighbor, we could hear everything they said, can someone imagine that situation?
It is my fault, I should check everything before decide, even the neighbors if they have animal or naughty boys..!!
Every month I need to repair many small thing in this apartment but the owner never pay back for me, it is important point you should be clear in the lease contract.
I moved out of that apartment before two months of contract but I haven’t take back my two months of deposit even I paid all of fees charge. The owner said I need to wait until my lease contract finish for take back deposit, it s really ridiculous. But what should I do?
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